Your family doctor / general practitioner in Son Caliu (Palmanova)

Dear patient,

Welcome to our Centro Médico Son Caliu (Palmanova), where you are the centre of attention.

In a detailed anamnesis consultation, we will look at your complaints and findings and gain an understanding of the context of your illness.

The focus is on prevention to recognise the disease before it breaks out and to treat it successfully using various naturopathic therapies.

The purpose is to offer you, with holistic medicine, more than the widespread basic care and suppression of symptoms.

You, with your individual health issues, are the patient and in the centre of our general practice in the “Centro Médico Son Caliu” (Palmanova).

The entire practice process is geared towards achieving the best possible preventive and therapeutic outcome for you.

Our purpose - in the sense of holistic medicine - is to examine you as fully and holistically as possible to provide you with the best possible preventative advice and treatment.

In holistic medicine, a particular symptom is not considered on its own, but always in conjunction with all other symptoms and individual influencing factors to determine the correct diagnosis and its causes.

Patient-oriented care and detailed information, regular further training, organisational and treatment procedures in line with guidelines and optimal communication with the cooperating doctors in Palma de Mallorca ensure the quality of our practice.

Our purpose is to preserve your health together with you and we use our extensive knowledge and experience to achieve this.

On the following pages we offer you comprehensive information about our Centro Médico Son Caliu (Palmanova), our practice specialities and services.

Yours sincerely

Dr. Oliver Hahn (family practitioner) and his team

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