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The practice

In brief: our centre is equipped with the latest and best technology for diagnostics and therapy in the field of internal medicine and is particularly active in gastroenterology, cardiology and angiology. Another focus of his work is aesthetic medicine. If necessary, other specialists are called in. There is close cooperation with local hospitals and internationally renowned specialists.

Our doctors: Markus Fisser Markus Fisser is a specialist internist. The main focus of his work is in the diagnostic field. After 2 years of work in an internal medicine/rheumatology clinic, 4 years in a very large cardiology clinic, of which more than 2 years were spent co-supervising angiology, acting head of an endoscopic department and almost 2 years head of a gastroenterology clinic abroad, the main focus of his work is on cardiology, angiology, gastroenterology and general internal medicine. In the course of the training, specialists in echocardiography (cardiac ultrasound), ileocoloscopy (colonoscopy) as well as in the emergency medical services of the Bavarian Medical Association were acquired.


All ultrasound examinations are carried out with the latest generation of the high end device from Philips (Afiniti 70), whereby an 18 MHz transducer is even available for soft tissue diagnostics. Within the scope of liver diagnostics (cirrhosis/fibrosis etc.), this device allows a "shear wave" analysis, which is sometimes more meaningful than the sampling of liver tissue. For multiplane transesophageal echocardiography (heart ultrasound examination via the esophagus) a 5 MHz probe with a Toshiba device is available. The long-term ECG's (partly combination devices with long-term blood pressure measurement) of the company Custo partly have the possibility of a 72 hour ECG. Also a wireless 24 hours ECG device, which is coupled to a wristwatch, can be applied. The lung function device is also the latest generation. An outpatient polysomnography device (MS 300) is available for the diagnosis of nocturnal respiratory disorders.


In addition to an acute laboratory in the practice with which a fresh heart attack, pulmonary embolism or thrombosis can be ruled out relatively reliably, we work together with laboratories in Spain and Germany as required.


For about 25 years the specialist qualification ileocoloscopy exists. All endoscopies (oesophagus, stomach, duodenum, as well as high colonoscopies) are performed with video endoscopes from Fuji. For proctological diagnostics and therapy, devices from the Strolz company are used. The samples are usually sent to a German pathologist. 


In the context of emergency care or risk endoscopies, which are no longer possible in practice, we work with the best specialists in Palma.


To name but a few: For cardiac catheter examinations we work with a cardiologist who speaks perfect German and English in the Clinica Rotger, as well as with the Policlinica Miramar. We also have a good cooperation with the stroke unit of the University Hospital Son Espases. Selective book surgery and emergency procedures are performed to the highest standards by Dr. Guitart at the Policlinica Miramar, with whom we have been working together for over 20 years. 


Of course, specialist German-speaking colleagues in other medical centres are also involved in our activities.


Long-term trustful cooperation also exists with leading chairs in Germany and England. Petra Rau Petra Rau is a specialist in general medicine. For over 20 years she has specialized in non-surgical aesthetic medicine. Very frequent further training also within the framework of "master classes" ensures that they receive treatment that is oriented to the latest standards. Further information on the homepage Aesthetic Medicine of Dr. Rau:

Of course, they are also in good hands with Dr. Rau in all general medical matters, including minor surgery. Dr.Rau is a specialist in emergency medicine.



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