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Our Services

Services that we offer: 

  • We will perform swabs for coronavirus (PCR) on advance notification, as well as antibody tests

  • Complete internal diagnostics

  • one day check-up

  • all ultrasound examinations with the latest high-end device Philips Afinity 70

  • Sonography/Ultrasound abdomen with possible shear vawe examination of liver (diagnosis cirrhosis/fibrosis)

  • Echocardiography / ultrasound, stress echocardiography and multiplane TEE (swallowing echo). Echocardiography expertise for 25 years.

  • Colour Doppler, including special examinations for vascular diagnostics (carotid artery, transcranial Doppler, arteries and veins of arms/legs)

  • Thyroid sonography (for this we use a high resolution 18 MHz transducer) including shear wave examination

  • Soft tissue and joint sonography with 18 and 12 MHz transducer

  • pulmonary function testing

  • outpatient sleep apnoea monitoring (nocturnal respiratory arrest)

  • exercise ECG

  • 24 and 72 hours ECGs (wireless) also in combination with long-term blood pressure measurements.

  • heart rate variability

  • ECG

  • Exercise ECG (seat or couch)

  • high colonoscopy (expertise available for 25 years) with polyp removal, haemostasis...

  • Hemorrhoid sclerosis + ligation

  • Gastro and duodenal endoscopy including interventions

  • Laboratory, as well as rapid laboratory to exclude pulmonary embolism, heart attack etc.

  • INR/Quick instant measurement

  • minor surgery

  • Pain therapy, neural therapy, acupuncture (Dr. Rau)

  • Check vaccination status and all vaccinations/new vaccination card except yellow fever

  • Consultation in tropical medicine

  • diving suitability test

  • Home visits for patients known to us

  • Rescue service expertise

  • Best networking with local and international colleagues who continue and are involved in treatment

Centro Médico Son Caliu

--> In the shopping centre Mercadona in Palmanova

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